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The best legit writing services can handle many types of essays and writing assignments. Students may require essay writing services for a variety of reasons. Firstly, students that are in highschool or college may have other obligations which take up their time. This can include part time jobs and extra curricular activities. It can be hard to keep up with the fast paced college lifestyle. A small blip can lead to falling behind, which is why students turn to the legit writing services to help them turn in an assignment. Otherwise, they risk getting a low grade which can harm their academic life. We understand just how vital it is for students to achieve top grades in all of their assignments. Legit writing services give students the chance to achieve a top grade.

However, finding legit writing services can be challenging and it can also take a lot of time. This is something that a student does not have, and therefore they need a fast way to find legit writing services that actually deliver. They can do the research themselves, however this is tricky. There are many essay writing services advertising themselves, however not all of these are legit. Some hire cheap third world writers, whereas others tend to be scams that steal customers money. It is hard to differentiate the legit writing services from the fake ones which can lead to wasted time and efforts. There are many stories of students being scammed by fake services or receiving plagiarized papers. This is an experience that no student should ever have to go through. Therefore, we are dedicated to helping students avoid scams and to only rely on the best essay services.

It is essential for a student to be able to use legit writing services that they can trust to deliver. This is where we come in. Instead of having to research yourself to find the best services through trial and error, you can instead view our rigorous ranking. We have personally reviewed and tested hundreds of essay writing services. The only way to find out the quality of a writing service is by testing it out. But, students do not have the time or money to go and test these writing services. We have done the hard work by going through each essay writing service in detail. You can save a lot of time and effort by relying on these essay writing services. They have the knowledge and skills to get all types of papers done to the best standard. Below, you can view the details of our highly specific ranking criteria that we use to judge legit writing services.

Ranking Criteria

We have a specific and methodical ranking criteria that allows us to find the best legit writing services. Firstly, we test and try all services. This is the only way that you can create a reliable ranking. The metrics we use for ranking are cost, value, quality, customer service, and speed of delivery. We judge every single essay writing service with the same metrics to get to an objective ranking. You can rely on our excellent rankings for the top legit writing services.

Top 5 Legit Essay Writing Services

1. Grademiners

The top legit writing service that you can always rely on is Grademiners. They are a standout provider of a variety of essay services. In particular, you can benefit from their excellent customer service and incredible writers. They go above and beyond to make sure that your assignment is done to the highest standard.

“As a college student, it has been hard for me to turn in assignments. I was falling behind so I went to Grademiners with a 7 page assignment. This was a mid-term which was very important to my final grade. I was a bit nervous, but the writer reassured me that he was experienced enough to handle the topic. The final assignment was of excellent quality and it was formatted correctly.” Jake M.

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2. 99Papers

When students consider legit writing services, they often turn to 99Papers. This service has been providing exceptional essay writing services for many years. They have a team of experienced and highly qualified writers that are ready to tackle a range of writing assignments. The service is focused on fast deliveries and excellent quality.

“99Papers came through for me when I needed 2 assignments for my nursing course done. The instructions were fairly technical, but this service followed them all and their delivered before my deadline. I would highly recommend 99Papers for all students”. Jessica C.

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3. EduBirdie

One of the most reliable and trustworthy legit writing services is EduBirdie. They are well known by many students because they have been in the industry for many years. Most of their orders come from repeat students and referrals which highlights their excellent quality. Their budget pricing structure makes them a highly affordable option for all students.

“I am a History major who had a 10 page paper that I needed completed with full references. I sent the requirements to EduBirdie and gave them a deadline of 5 days. The final paper was excellent, and all of the specific requirements had been met. I would rate EduBirdie 10/10 for their fantastic quality and helpful support”. Hector N.

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4. EssayPro

When you need a legit writing service that you can always depend on, you should choose the professionals. EssayPro are one of the best essay writing services around because they have a team of highly qualified writers; some of whom even have masters degrees and PHDs. Moreover, they cover a range of writing assignments such as case studies, doctoral reports, presentations, research essays and much more. You can always depend on EssayPro for your academic requirements.

“I turned to EssayPro when I was suffering with illness. This left me behind in college and I had to catch up on some assignments. I sent EssayPro the details of two English 102 papers. They completed them to an excellent standard within the short deadline of 3 days. Overall, I was very impressed with the service. Marya K.

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5. PaperHelp

When you need help with you assignments, you can depend on PaperHelp for professional assistance on all subjects. If you need a paper done to a high standard at an affordable price, then you should definitely utilize the services of PaperHelp. You can also ask them for a coupon code to get a further discount on the price.

“I am a mature student and I am still adjusting to the student life. Mid terms were approaching fast, and I had forgotten to complete an assignment. I was in a bit of a panic, but I went to PaperHelp and asked if they could complete a 6 page paper in 48 hours. They agreed so I sent them the details. They delivered the paper within the deadline, and it was very good quality. I was surprised they could complete such an excellent paper in a short amount of time”. Greg K.

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